Development of a VR – based CMM system for industry training and CMM path planning

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Zhao, Long
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This research proposes a VR - based CMM operation system combined with the path planning algorithm to effectively shorten the inspection time. The virtual CMM system is also a good educational tool for industries to train new employees. The realistic interface of virtual CMM environment allows users to practise the CMM operation process before operating the real CMM. The system is also useful to reduce the collision possibility by verifying the collision-free path for products inspection. This system uses Eon Studio as the simulation tool to build the virtual environment of CMM operations. Collision detection is implemented in Eon studio by using built-in functions and VB script programming. A new algorithm combines the integer programming model. A big penalty M method is proposed to avoid unnecessary collisions. The simulation and optimization results prove that the proposed algorithm can effectively reduce the total probe travelling distance with improved inspection efficiency.
VR, CMM, Path planning