Sensory and microbial changes in retail-displayed fresh pork previously stored under controlled (CO|2) atmospheres

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Wasney, Melanie A.
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The research for this Masters thesis was divided into two parts. The first part was concerned with the evaluation of a refrigerated container previously designed to store fresh pork chops at -1.5C under 100% CO2. To assess the ability of the container to delay spoilage, measurements of metmyoglobin content, sensory changes and microbial populations of the pork chops were conducted. Tests were conducted on chops after a period of storage (weeks) in the container followed by aerobic display at 4C for up to 4 days. It was determined that fresh pork chops could be stored for up 9 weeks with 4 days of subsequent retail display with minimal changes in appearance, odour, and palatability. The second half of the work concerned the development of a selective medium for the isolation of carnobacteria. The aim of this study was to improve CTAS agar by broadening the spectrum of 'Carnobacterium' spp. recovery and increasing specificity through systematic improvement. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)