Egg albumen as a fast and strong medical adhesive glue

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Xu, Kaige
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Advanced Healthcare Materials
Current sutures can cause inflammatory responses, which prolong healing time and induce stress concentration on fragile tissues. Medical adhesives treatment is a promising way to closure tissue via a minimum invasion, and operated simply by surgeons. In this project, an egg albumen adhesive (EAA) with ultra-high adhesive strength, fabricated from fresh egg via simple process of air-drying, grinding and mixing with water, has been used to bond various materials without any chemical and physical modifications. The EAA exhibited stronger adhesive property on pigskin tissue, glass, and polydimethylsiloxane substrates by compared with commercial medical adhesive, cyanoacrylate synthetic glue and fibrin glue. The egg albumen adhesive also showed great underwater adhesive strength. Finally, the EAA displayed excellent wound healing performance and did not show strong long-term inflammatory response in vivo experiments on rats, suggesting its potential as a medical glue, considering its abundant source, simple fabrication process, inherent non-toxicity, and low cost.
Egg albumen adhesive, Sutureless, Skin wound closure
Adv. Healthcare Mater.