Object-oriented modeling framework for water resources policy analysis

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Aboelata, Maged
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The objective of this research is to develop a new framework for water resources policy analysis. The new framework utilizes object-oriented programming, as a state-of-the-art methodology. The research addresses the usefulness and advantages of using an object-oriented approach over traditional programming. The framework has a feedback component which allows the system to make necessary modifications to the tested policy along the simulation process. The framework developed in this research is tested in the field of water resources. An interpretation of each of the framework stages is introduced using the most common cases. The framework is then implemented to produce a general model using STELLA II as an object-oriented programming environment. The general model is used for water resources policy modeling. The analysis of Egypt's water resources policy has been selected as a case study. More emphasis was given to agriculture as the main water demand sector, and the River Nile as the main water resource. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)