Modular Mounting Rack for Ladders and Water Tanks

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Hebert, Adam
Clapa, Zachary
Thompson, Chantol
Xu, Yiqing
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PYRA was tasked by Fort Garry Fire Trucks (FGFT), to create a modular support for the FGFT fire truck ladders and water tanks. Currently FGFT is using two separate systems, one that can be mounted in the middle of the firetruck; the other system mounts to the sides of the firetruck. None of the implemented systems are able to store simultaneously a portable water tank and ladders and actuate the equipment from an upright position to a position where they are accessible by fireperson. The purpose of this project was to develop a rack which can support a top and side load of 500 Lbs for a total of 1000 Lbs. The rack was to be compatible with multiple FGFT firetrucks. The system was to lower ladders and portable water tanks to an accessible height by either electrical or hydraulic actuation and cost no more than $6500 US. The final design was to include computer aided design models of the design, finite element analysis of the design, manufacture drawings and bill of materials. After consultation with FGFT, PYRA was able to develop a list of needs and related technical specifications for the final design. Subsequent to better evaluate technical specifications; the design was broken down into 6 separate components. After intensive concept screening of each component, a complete concept could be developed for the final design. Computer aided design models were generated for the concept then finite element analysis was done on each component of the complete design to ensure the component could support the required load. The design was then refined to ensure all components could be manufactured with standard aluminum profiles, sheet metal and standard steel profiles. All components maintain a factor of safety of 2when the required load is applied. The rack can be configured with the mounting in the middle of the firetruck or on the sides of the firetruck while simultaneously supporting a ladder rack and water tank rack. The design also moves the water tank rack and ladder from a raised position to a level that can be accessible by a fireperson within […]