How well is co-management working? Perspectives, partnerships and power sharing along the way to an Indigenous Protected Area on Girringun country

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Zurba, Melanie
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The direction of this research is directed by the question ‘How well is co-management working?’ within the context of the arrangements between government agencies and an Indigenous organization. The Girringun Aboriginal Corporation represents the interests of nine Traditional Owner groups and has been involved in working through regional natural resources and protected areas partnerships with government over many years. These partnerships include an Indigenous ranger unit, Australia’s first Traditional Use of Marine Resources Agreement, and the plans for an Indigenous Protected Area, which will be the first over a mainstream multi-tenure area, as well as the first to incorporate both land and sea country. Girringun country is located in Northern Queensland Australia, at the coastal interface of the Wet Tropics and Great Barrier Reef eco regions, which are World Heritage Areas represented by their respective authorities. Other tenures include public freehold lands, State forests and reserves, and National parks.
co-management, Indigenous governance
Zurba, M. 2009. Bringing local synthesis into governance and management systems: the Girringun TUMRA case in Northern Queensland, Australia. The Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand 39(4):179-182.