Effect of recall frequency following dental treatment under general anesthesia on caries risk in pediatric patients

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Mohammad, Omar
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Due to the early onset of caries in many children general anesthesia is often required in order to treat the dental disease. Unfortunately following dental treatment under GA, many children have caries relapse, which often requires a repeat GA in order to accomplish the new dental treatment. The objective of this study was to determine if recall frequency following treatment under general anesthesia affects the likelihood that children will require new dental treatment under a repeat GA. 674 charts were reviewed from a private Pediatric dental practice located in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada where patients who underwent a GA for dental treatment were investigated. It was found that those patients, who required new treatment following an initial treatment under GA, were less likely to receive a repeat GA for new dental treatment if they attended more frequently for a recall examination.
Pediatric dentistry, caries, general anesthesia