Women's organising for change, an ethnography of a feminist health group in Winnipeg

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Duggan, Jennifer
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Despite the large amount of feminist activism around issues of women's health, there are limited studies of these women's groups or their processes, particularly in Canada. The object of this research is to provide a can study of a feminist health group in Winnipeg, Women's Health Interaction Manitoba, which has been active since 1984. This research allows a glimpse into the relatively understudied realm of feminist organising, advocacy and activism, as well as attempting to contribute to the body of knowledge regarding feminist praxis and theory. For this ethnographic research, eleven interviews and one focus group discussion were facilitated. Archival materials held by the group members were also analysed. As well, a literature review on women's movement studies, feminist modes of organising, feminist health activism, the barriers and facilitators to political activity and women's political culture in Canada was compiled. This researcher asserts that WHIM has been and continues to be successful in inspiring and sustaining political action and social change, though supporting and nurturing its membership and developing both small and large scale feminist activist initiatives. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)