Effect of a new multi-enzyme preparation on performance and nutrient digestibility of early-weaned pigs

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Li, Yong
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Two experiments were conducted to evaluate the effect of enzyme supplementation on growth performance and nutrient digestibility of pigs weaned at 18 days of age. Enzyme supplements included a conventional xylanase and B-glucanase preparation (Enzyme A) and a preparation of xylanase and B-glucanase fortified with other enzyme activities including amylase, protease and cellulase (Enzyme B). Four dietary treatments were used: positive control, negative control, negative control + Enzyme A and negative control + Enzyme B. In phase I of the experiment (4.8-10.4 kg), fecal digestibility of dry matter, protein, and energy was significantly improved by enzyme supplementation. Similar improvements in energy and protein digestibilities were observed for phase II (10.4-20.4 kg) of the experiment. In Experiment 2, 6 pigs per treatment were fed the same experimental diets as in Experiment 1 for a 25 d period (5.0-10.0 kg) after which time the digesta samples were collected from different segments of the gastrointestinal tract. There was a significant effect of enzyme supplementation on intestinal starch digestibility. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)