Motor Coach Industries Station 19 Hardware Fixtures

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Draward, Devin
Langlais, Janelle
Brar, Justyn
Ma, Yitao
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Group 15 was tasked with the design of hardware fixtures for the front suspension assembly process in station 19 at Motor Coach Industries. The need for a hardware fixture design arose from assembly errors stemming from the current presentation of hardware and the lack of a hardware tracking system within the workstation. The design team was tasked with analyzing/determining areas within Station 19 that would benefit from the use of hardware fixtures as a means of organization and tracking of the hardware. The design team was also tasked with the final design of the hardware fixtures including CAD models for each hardware fixture identified for the use of 3D printing. The client specified that the hardware fixture design must error proof the front suspension and steering gear installation by ensuring that only the correct type and correct amount of hardware is installed on the coach. The client also specified that the hardware fixtures should be stackable, for ease of storage within theStation19. The Design Team identified five areas where the use of hardware fixtures would be appropriate, and identified several other problem areas within the workstation where the design team provided a recommendation for improvement, as requested by MCI. The design team developed five hardware fixtures, for: the right and left independent front suspension assembly, the steering gear assembly, the front axle cart, and the mitre box within Station 19. The hardware fixtures allow the assembly operators to account for all of the hardware installed on the coach and also ensure that only the proper hardware will be installed. All fixtures were developed with consideration to appearance and hardware layout. The fixtures are also equipped with an ergonomic handle for stacking capabilities and reliefs for easy removal of hardware. CAD models and engineering drawings have been created for each individual hardware fixture and handle. Finally, the Industrial Technology Center was selected to manufacture the five hardware fixtures for a total of $5700 CAD.