Truck Size and Weight Analysis for the Development of a European Bridge Formula

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Moshiri, Maryam
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PIARC World Road Congress
The research analyzes the bridge load stress effects resulting from international bridge formulae and truck size and weight regulations in Europe. This is done with a view to identifying issues that may need to be considered in the development of a European Bridge Formula (EUBF) conforming to European Directive truck configurations for the regulation of truck size and weight limits associated with international travel between European Union (EU) member states. The level of efficiency of bridge formulae vary depending on the design criteria used in the development of the formula, the compatibility to the jurisdiction’s infrastructure and truck fleet characteristics, and the method of implementation as part of the regulation and by operators in the trucking industry. The EUBF should limit imposed critical bending moment and shear stresses on single and continuous span bridges of varying lengths (5, 20, and 50 metres) in accordance to design live loads specified in the Eurocode. The analysis of bridge load effects imposed by European Directive truck configurations in this research, provide the basis for the development of a EUBF.
Bridge Formula, Truck size and weight
Moshiri, M., Bernard, J., Schmidt, F., Montufar, J. (2011) Investigation of Existing Bridge Formulae and Background for the Development of a European Bridge Formula