Capable hands - promoting an inclusive learning environment for high school students, through nature, personalized, flexible and adaptable design.

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Barbour, Tamara
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This practicum explores the overall community aspect of a school by using the different learning styles in relation to a child’s cognition, and translates them into physical form using interior design to enhance the learning process. By understanding each learning style, and exploring alternative ways to design interior spaces that provide flexibility, this practicum will promote inclusivity to each child. Also, by considering the different learning styles, classrooms can be created to become an inviting and adaptable space. Allowing the student to have some control and personalization over their school experience and environment creates a sense of pride and positive involvement that translates into their learning. This practicum blurs interior and exterior environments, resulting in a less institutionalized setting, thus creating a calming environment in which students can thrive. Using nature to enhance the lives of student’s and educators, this will result in peaceful learning and working environments. These environments will create spaces in which users are less distracted and can focus on the information being taught. The goal of this practicum is to create a school that supports students ability to understand and retain information, where they will be excited about learning, therefore resulting in success in school.
Inclusive, Flexibility, Adaptable, Biophilia