MacDon Rotary Header Hitch Support Design

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Tjahjadi, Jessica
Szaura, Kyle
Davis, Ray
Hatherly, Rhys
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The objective of this project, as specified byMacDon Industries Ltd, was to design a universal support device for their pull-type rotary header. The V-support design providesclearance forthe driveline, improves stability, reduces setup/ removal time and allows for easier connection to the tractor. This report delivers hand calculations, CAD modelsof the assembly, FEA modelling that validates the design and detailed design drawings. Our final design meets the target specifications outlined by the client and addresses all the required needs.The final designsuccessfully replaces the existing trailer jack stand and built-in stand on the drawbar and 2-point hitch style header, respectively. This final V-support design is a product of five earlier versions of the design which were each refined through a combination of client feedback and necessary design improvements. 1.50 [in] ASTM A513 Grade B tubing was used to construct the bulk of the V-support design from, enabling the final design to weigh in at 3.80 [kg]. To ensure no interference with tractor tires, the driveline guard bars were extended 12 [in] forward, with the V-support being directly mounted and welded to the front most horizontal portion of the extended driveline guards. The V-support was designed to also have the same mounting height for the trailer jack, allowing the existing trailer jack model to be used. Analytical verification confirmed this design supports the 1500 [lbs] weight of the swing tongue while maintaining a factor of safety of 3.30, deeming this fully functional design safe for use.