Laboratory performance of early cured asphalt emulsion treated base for cold regions

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Barbod, Bahador
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Transportation association of Canada (TAC)
Asphalt emulsions as an alternative for stabilizing base layers can be cost effective especially in cold regions where supplying hot mix is not economical. However, at low temperatures, Emulsion Aggregate Mixtures (EAM) show low strength at early ages and require a longer curing time for asphalt emulsions to break. In this study, a proposed dense-graded gravel base was treated with SS-1 emulsion. In order to evaluate early curing, one set of samples was cured at 5◦C and another at 24◦C. In addition, another set of samples was fully cured at 49◦C. Dynamic resilient modulus and permanent deformation tests were performed, and the durability of EAM was assessed through 10 freeze-thaw cycles. Furthermore, low-volume roads were designed with fully and partially cured EAMs. The achieved results from resistance tests, durability assessment and low volume road design identified that EAMs can be more appropriate for cold regions and that early low-strength can be compensated by aging asphalt binder.
Asphalt emulsion, Treated base, Cold region