Structural and functional characterization of ferritin (iron-binding proteins) isolated from manitoba legume seeds

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Gesinde, Folashade
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Fourteen Manitoba legume seeds and a pea protein isolate were evaluated for ferritin production. Optimized ferritin concentrate yields from 5 selected isolates ranged from 19.07% (Chick Peas) to 9.69% (Moon Dal Washed). Iron concentrations were between 0.45g (Green Lentils Whole) and 0.30g (Chick Pea)/100g. SDS-PAGE revealed presence of the major ferritin polypeptides in the concentrates. The levels of iron in ferritin appear to be directly related to the amount of negatively charged amino acids. Intrinsic fluorescence and circular dichroic spectra showed that the ferritin concentrates had denatured protein conformations at pH 2 and 7, which is critical to their digestibility and bioavailability. Gel-permeation chromatography revealed differences in elution volumes between pre- and post-digestion ferritin concentrates, and kinetics studies confirmed susceptibility to proteolysis and a high potential for iron release. Results demonstrated the feasibility of phytoferritin production from Manitoba pulses, which could serve as a better iron supplement than inorganic iron during IDA treatment.
Ferritin, Legume, IDA, Protein