Hearing their words: Front line managers perspective on employee engagement

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Valeri, Kristen Joanne
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The front line manager has been identified as key to employee engagement in health care organizations and organizational success (Kane-Urabazo, 2006; Laschinger, & Finegan, 2005; Laschinger, Wong, & Greco, 2006; Rivera, Fitzpatrick, & Boyle, 2011; Tillot, 2013). This descriptive qualitative study explored engagement from a front line nurse manager’s perspective. A purposive sample of six front line nurse managers were asked (in interviews) to discuss how engagement was experienced, described and observed in their staff and themselves. The aim of the study was to add to the current knowledge of engagement and contribute to the definition and conceptualization of the concept of engagement from the perspective of front line nurse manager. The Appreciative Inquiry, (AI) framework specifically the discovery and dream phases, were used to design the research questions and guided the study. The four themes that emerged from the analysis of the data were: i) supportive relationships and actions, ii) common purposeful work, iii) sense of achievement and recognition, and iv) fully participatory. The unique perspective from the front line nurse managers provides an indication of how engagement is experienced by front line nurse managers. The participants described their perceptions of engagement and its meaning to them. Ongoing research and expansion of knowledge on engagement of the front line nurse managers is integral to further defining and developing a shared meaning of engagement in order to align the understanding of engagement of front line nurse managers with their organizations.
Manager, Engagement