Analysis of Pediatric Upper Extremity Wrist Hand Orthoses

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Abrahams, Blair
Alcantara, Jerrod
Moyer, Stephen
Sawchyn, Tyler
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This report outlines and details the design of a Wrist Hand Orthosis (WHO) for treating hand spasticity for the Rehabilitation Centre for Children. The purpose of this project is to improve upon the long lead times and poor comfort of the current WHO's used. The final design is arrived at through generating a number of concepts, and selection based on performance criteria. This design uses a Low Temperature Thermoplastic template, custom fit to patients based on measurements taken by an Orthotist. Features include ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyethylene (PE) foam lining for comfort, and Velcro straps for fastening to the patient. Design refinement is described through a prototyping phase undertaken by the RCC. The final design weighs between 62-86 grams, is 25% to 40% more breathable than the currently used devices, costs $49.71 to produce, and a batch of six devices can be produced in 1.3 hours. Recommendations to improve this design include further material testing, refinement of template designs, manufacturing improvements, and optimization for further breathability.
Mechanical Engineering