Formulating a pasta sauce with added health benefits for the aging baby boomer population

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Bugera, Jacqueline
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Background: Baby boomers are placing a demand on the food industry for products that promote longevity, well-being, and contain functional ingredients for enhanced nutritional and health benefits. Objectives: Develop a pasta sauce with increased health benefits; conduct sensory and shelf-life testing; and conduct consumer acceptability tests. Methods: Study was conducted in four phases. Three sources of fibre were investigated (oat fibre, pea fibre and red lentils). Sensory analysis conducted to identify ideal level of red lentils in the pasta sauce followed by a shelf-life study. Chemical, physical and microbiological analyses were performed. Consumer acceptability testing conducted with one hundred and twenty-three baby boomers. Results: Red lentils at a concentration of 15% were identified as ideal source and amount showing no significant differences in analyses compared to other fibres, other concentrations and over 12 week storage. Participants were in favour of the color, flavour, odour and texture of the pasta sauce and willing to pay $0.34 more for a 750 ml jar compared to average commercial price. Conclusions: The pasta sauce may aid baby boomers in attaining daily recommendations of fibre and an alternative to commercial pasta sauces in offering lower sodium content.
baby boomer, functional food, product development, consumer, acceptability