F-35 Vane Box Handling ToolDesign

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Cheung, Eric
Driedger, Matt
Jones, Alex
Meakin, Ryan
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Magellan Aerospace manufactures a critical component in the F-35B Lightning II fighter jet known as the vane box. The vane box is essential for the F-35 fighter jet to achieve a short take off and vertical landing. The vane box is assembled from four aluminum forgings to very tight tolerances and is currently lifted and rotated by hand. To avoid damaging the vane box or injuring their technicians, Magellan Aerospace has requested a handling tool design that will allow the vane box orientation to be manipulated. The final design of the F-35 vane box-handling tool can be categorized into five sections. The first section is the base frame, which provides stability with a wide H-shape configuration and mobility with shock absorbing casters. The second section is the central axle assembly, which provides height adjustability through pneumatic cylinders. In addition, a turntable on the central axle assembly allows the vane box to be rotated about the vertical axis. Next, the main frame utilizes a shaft and spline mechanical system to offer the vane box 360° of rotational freedom about the horizontal axis. Also, the plug actuation mechanism interfaces with the vane box to secure it onto the handling tool. This is achieved using a combination of springs, pneumatic cylinders, and tapered Teflon® plugs. Lastly, the pneumatic control system incorporates dial gauges, valves, tubes, and switches to actuate the pneumatic cylinders for the central axle assembly and plug actuation mechanism. With a projected cost of $13,820.60, Magellan Aerospace can implement our handling tool design to fulfill current and future orders of the F-35B vane box safely, ergonomically, and promptly.