Digital analysis of staining properties of clear aesthetic brackets

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Rykiss, Jared
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AIM: To analyze staining properties of aesthetic brackets. MATERIAL & METHODS: A total of 400 tooth-coloured brackets from 10 brands 5 ceramic and 5 plastic) were investigated. Cumulative effects of staining agents were analyzed at simulated light and heavy consumption levels. Study groups were immersed in the staining agents consecutively at 37°C. The control group was exposed to artificial saliva. Samples were analyzed digitally to obtain the L*, a*, and b* (lightness, red-green, and yellow-blue) colour readings. Using these values total colour change (ΔE*) was also calculated. A general linear model (ANOVA) test was used for statistical comparisons. RESULTS: Significant differences were observed in L*, and b* values of ceramic brackets at all consumption levels (p≤.0001). All values had significant differences amongst the plastic brackets (p≤.0001), except for L* with heavy exposure. Total ΔE* values for ceramic and plastic brackets were 11 and 26, respectively. CONCLUSIONS: Both plastic and ceramic brackets showed changes in colour when exposed to staining agents, with plastic brackets being the most affected.
Orthodontics, Brackets, Colour, Staining, Aesthetic brackets