Geology, Geochemistry and Geochronology of the East Bay Gold Trend, Red Lake, Ontario, Canada

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Gallagher, Shaun
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The Red Lake greenstone belt is considered to be one of Canada’s premier gold producing regions with the Red Lake Gold Mines having produced >24 million ounces of gold to date. The East Bay Trend is a large structural corridor that parallels the East Bay of Red Lake, Ontario and is interpreted to be a manifestation of the regional D1 structure that crosscuts this complexly folded greenstone belt. The southernmost 8 km of this corridor is host to a variety of small gold deposits that demonstrate an assortment of mineralization styles. This study aims to: (1) better define veining styles and characterize the mineralizing fluids using petrography, fluid inclusions, geochronology and stable isotopes, (2) compare barren and auriferous veins from deposits along the East Bay Trend, and (3) compare the fluid history of the East Bay Trend to the Campbell-Red Lake gold deposit to determine the gold potential along this trend.
Gold, Red Lake, Geochemistry