The Red River insurrection, 1869-1870

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Ridd, John Elwood
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"The circumstances and incidents attending the creation of the Province of Manitoba have sometimes been related in a manner tending to cause misunderstanding, prejudice, and even ill will between east and west, and between the two great races which inhabit the Dominion. A few facts out of historical perspective, a few unsupported myths, along with some unsound legal and constitutional doctrine have given an unfortunate bias to the opinions of not a few..." The paragraph quoted above forms an apt introduction to the present discussion. The data herewith presented, and the deductions drawn therefrom, will, it is hoped, tend to modify certain "erroneous ideas", namely: that the disturbances at Red River were a rebellion; that the shooting of Thomas Scott was a murder, not an execution; that the Hudson's Bay Company and the Roman Catholic Church were disinterested onlookers. As a background for the proper understanding of the events connected with the insurrection, a brief description of the population and government of the district of Assiniboia has been found necessary....