Lake Winnipeg Basin Program Symposium Summary Report

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Environment and Climate Change Canada, Province of Manitoba
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Government of Canada
Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) held a Lake Winnipeg Basin Program Symposium on March 20th and 21st, 2019 in Winnipeg, Manitoba in conjunction with a number of other Lake Winnipeg-related events during Canada Water Week, including the Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium’s annual Science Workshop and the launch of “Lake Winnipeg DataStream” by the Gordon Foundation. Together, the week provided the space to share new knowledge derived from scientific studies conducted on the lake and in the basin, showcase on-the-ground actions on nutrient reduction, and highlight the important collaborative partnerships that are required to address the complex issues related to water quality and quantity, including climate change. Approximately 100 stakeholders attended each day of the Symposium representing government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), scientists, Indigenous governments, organizations and communities and regional conservation districts.
benthos, zooplankton, algal bloom, aquatic invasive species, freshwater ecology, hydrology, nutrients