The role of government funding in social welfare transformation: Narratives from the front-lines of service provision

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Reinke, Christina Louise
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Federal, provincial, and municipal governments in Canada are increasingly turning to non-profit agencies to provide social welfare services. While this provides new avenues for service provision, research reveals that non-profit organizations, alternately known as the third sector, are finding it increasingly difficult to meet rising demands for service with decreased government funds. Informed by transformative peacebuilding theory and complexity theory, this research addresses the gap in current peacebuilding literature by examining the socio-economic and political pathways of third sector service agencies within a Western civil society context. Through a narrative inquiry method, eight directors from diverse non-profit social service agencies in a Prairie urban centre share their perspectives and experiences regarding funding dynamics within current government—third sector partnerships. Participant perspectives reveal the various strategies these agencies employ as they navigate social service delivery and seek to cultivate key transformative peacebuilding values within contemporary socio-economic and political frameworks.
Social welfare, Non-profit service provision, Third sector, Government funding, Transformative peacebuilding