Fractured atmospheres: an exploration into the exactness of the world

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Yakiwchuk, Amanda
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This project examines the spatial relationships that exist between Winnipeg, Canada and Tokyo, Japan, with the intent to develop an understanding of the preciseness of the world. Different site-specific systemic conditions were used as critical tools to explore the implication of distinct design catalysts and inhibitors. I have concentrated on the relationships that exist between time and space, to identify and displace localized, momentary events that exist in one site to the other. Familiarities of my local surroundings were deliberately obscured to make explicit a heightened awareness of my position on the planet. This helps to facilitate discussions. I have created a space that is dissembled through abstract understandings of displaced elements in the environment. It is my intention for this space to be experienced in a different way each time we come across it, by shifting and changing ones perception of their character in the world.
Experimental, Architecture, Solar, Space, Time, Aquatic, Tokyo, Winnipeg, Displacements, Control