The effect of a novel dual-task exercise program for balance, mobility, gaze, and cognition skills in community dwelling older adults: A pilot study

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Alhasani, Rehab
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This thesis aimed to investigate the benefit of game-based dual-task recumbent bicycle (DT-RC) training among older adults. In addition, the thesis examined the change in cardiac fitness over an 8-week training program. Eleven healthy older adults (70-80 years old) were recruited and received an 8-week dual-task training program; combines a recumbent bicycle with interactive cognitive video games. Outcome measures were collected pre and post the intervention and included measures to assess COP for core balance, spatial-temporal gait variables, performance in visual tracking and cognitive games, neuropsychological tests and HR to workload ratio. Results showed a significant improvement in COP excursion, head tracking and success rate for cognitive games, trails making test and HR to workload ratio decreased by 44%. No significant effects were found for spatial-temporal gait variables. This study shows that the DT-RC program has beneficial effects on dual-task functions and cardiac fitness among healthy older adults.
Dual task, Cardiac fitness