One thousand peaches: a community centre for working children in Shiraz

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Ghasemi, Dela
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Child labour has been a significant issue in developing countries as there are too many socio-economic problems that children get neglected as a vulnerable group. As a metropolitan city in Iran, Shiraz is more prone to child labour; therefore, there must be systems and facilities to protect these children. There are a few charity organizations in Iran that focus on child labour. For example, Imam Ali Popular Students Relief Society (IAPSRS) is a private charity organization run by volunteer students following UNICEF's guidelines to provide education, psychological and social help, combat malnutrition, and rehabilitate working children through arts and sports (Imam Ali’s Popular Students Relief Society n.d.). One Thousand Peaches focuses on building a center for IAPSRS to provide a safe place for children in the labour force. The proposed location for this project is district eight in downtown Shiraz. The center comprises a mix of classrooms, workshops, a gallery, play areas, offices, a medical exam room, and an emergency shelter to respond to children's physiological, psychological, and fulfillment needs through a trauma-informed design. In addition, the project offers adaptive reuse of interiors in some of the beautiful historic buildings in the Bala-Kaft neighbourhood of Shiraz to revitalize the community.
trauma-informed design, child labour, team-base care, childhood trauma