Vibration frequency measurement by DNA-shaped metamaterial array

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Zong, Xinxiang
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Detecting the vibration frequency is a fundamental task of vibration testing. Constrained by the working principle relying on the electrical signal, the current vibration measurement techniques are either expensive, time-consuming, not portable, or susceptible to electromagnetic interference. This research proposes a novel vision-based vibration frequency measurement technique by introducing a mechanical metamaterial array. The array is consisting of a certain number of DNA-shaped metamaterials. Due to the flexible design of metamaterials, the design parameters of different DNA metamaterials can be adjusted to achieve their distinct vibration patterns under certain excitation frequencies, especially the different rotating angles. As a result, when the metamaterial array is attached to a vibrating object, the vibration frequency from the target can be estimated by comparing the vibration patterns of different individual metamaterials. The design of the DNA-shaped metamaterial is first optimized by finite element analysis (FEA) to achieve a significant rotation angle during vibration. Selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printing is used to create finalized DNA-shaped metamaterials that are subsequently assembled into array structures. The persistence of vision technology is utilized to provide a clear view of the rotational motions. Frequency visualization is achieved through time-lapse photography experiments along with a new data processing algorism to resolve the frequency from rotating motions of the metamaterials array. The simulation and experiment results demonstrate the feasibility and efficiency of the proposed methodology for rapid, noncontact, wireless detection of the vibration frequency of an object.
Metamaterial, Vibration frequency measurement