Design of a 600HP Diesel Power Gearbox Test Stand

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Usov, Aleksandr
Peters, Josh
Smith, Scott
Giesbrecht, Tanner
Chen, Xu
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This report details the design of a gearbox test stand dynamometer for Elmer’s Manufacturing, a Manitoba-based producer of industrial agricultural equipment. The purpose of this project is to improve Elmer’s testing procedure for its Haulmaster grain cart gearboxes. The gearbox test stand will replace the tractor and agricultural equipment containing the test gearbox which are part of the current testing equipment. The design features a 600 HPDeutz diesel engine as its power source. The power from the diesel engine is transferred through a reduction gearbox, which lowers the rate of rotation to a regular PTO speed of roughly 1000 RPM, into the PTO shaft leading to the test gearbox. A clutch located between the reduction gearbox and the diesel engine allows unloaded idling of the engine for cooldown. A hydraulic pump dynamometer system applies an independent, variable load to each test gearbox output. The hydraulic pump dynamometer consists of two hydraulic pumps operating at up to5000 psi at 206 gpm, electronic load control valves, oil filters, oil cooler, and a 680-gallon oil reservoir. Power is transferred from the test gearbox to the hydraulic pumps via a PTO shaft and an increaser gearbox. The increaser gearbox raises the shaft speed to 1500 rpm which is the operational speed of the hydraulic pumps. The angles of both the hydraulic pump dynamometer and the test gearbox mount are adjustable to accommodate operational angles of the Haulmaster gearbox, ranging between30 and60 degrees. An overview of all the systems, their components and their functionare provided throughout the report. Where applicable, the justification for the component design is provided in the form of preliminary FEA studies. Over the course of the project the design team has provided all the project deliverables, including CAD models of the final design, preliminary engineering drawings for parts fabricated in-house, overall assembly drawings, a detailed bill of materials, a list of purchased parts for the final design, and a cost estimate for the final design. The proposed final design achieves all of the initially proposed metrics with the exception of a target cost of $200,000 CAD as the final design costs...