Can resistance training reach moderate exercise intensity in older adults and overweight adults?

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Bharti, Neha
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Problem: Mostly attributed to lack of time, only about 15% of Canadian adults are currently reaching the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines (CPAG). Recently, studies have suggested that any bout of aerobic exercise reaching moderate to vigorous intensity has the potential to improve health. Methods: Sixty adults (20 young non-overweight adults, 20 overweight adults, 20 older adults) already doing some resistance training (RT) were recruited. Participants performed eight RT exercises during three visits. The objective was to identify the proportion of time spent at moderate to vigorous intensity during RT sessions. Results: Overall, the participants were at moderate to vigorous intensity during 82% of the time. However, the older adult group compared to the young adult group spent lower proportion of time at moderate to vigorous intensity during RT sessions. Conclusion: Most Canadian adults can reach HR equivalent to those achieved during moderate to vigorous aerobic activity by doing RT.
Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines, Heart Rate, Resistance Training, Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity