A numerical study of the axial compressive behavior of a hyperelastic annular seal constrained in a pipe

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Bartel, Alix
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Elastomer seals are used in a variety of industries that require flow isolation. The characterization of the behavior of these seals remains largely unexplored and hence, this study is focused on simulating and validating the axial-compressive behavior of an annular rubber seal constrained concentrically in a pipe. The elastomer material composing the seal, was experimentally characterized for its mechanical, frictional, and viscoelastic properties and modelled using models developed by Yeoh, Thirion, and Prony respectively. A 2D axisymmetric finite-element model was developed using ANSYS 16 and used alongside the material models to simulate an axial load versus displacement curve, a contact pressure distribution, and a pipe hoop strain gradient. The results for quasi-static loading and viscoelastic effects agreed within 7% and 18% of the experimental results, respectively. It was observed that pipe geometry, rubber chemistry, frictional properties, and viscoelastic effects have significant effect on the compressive behavior of the seal.
FEA, Rubber, Hyperelasticity, Pipe Stress, Sealing Pressure, Rubber Friction, Sealing, Seal, Packer, Elastomer, Simulation, ANSYS, Viscoelasticity, Yeoh, Prony, Pipeline, Contact Pressure, Thirion, Finite Element Analysis, Pipe