Diversity in the Canadian public sector, understanding the factors that inhibit inclusion

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Angom, Georgia Evelyn
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In recent years, Canada has experienced more demographic changes than ever before. This is due to the influx of people from diverse origins. This demographic mix means that the provision of services should be such that it meets the needs of a diverse population. n addition, the huge influx of women into the workforce raises their expectations about their participation in the labour force. Disabled persons are becoming more visible in the larger society as well as in the labour force. Aboriginal peoples are demanding for their rights, and for recognitions. The public service, as the main provider of essential services to Canadians, is faced with the task of providing these services to citizens and involving citizens in the provisions of services. One of the concerns in Canadian society is that the public service workforce does not reflect the make up of society. This, in turn suggests that diverse needs might not be given appropriate consideration, in policy and administrative terms. A guiding theme that runs through the paper is the need to strengthen and sharpen the legal and political commitment to the pursuit of greater equality of opportunity for employment in the public service for all canadians regardless of origin or physical abilities. There is need to link policy to transformation in political attitudes and action.