Analysis of air conditioning compressor mount to reduce noise, vibration and harshness

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Fullante, Jasen
Fair, Matt
Newton, Dave
Strahl, Justin
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The purpose of this report is to design a solution originating in New Flyer Industries‟ Xcelsior bus line. The issue is excessive vibration and noise generated in the engine compartment caused by the air conditioning compressor. Additionally, belt whip between the air conditioning compressor and the engine crankshaft pulley is to be reduced. This report will also examine future considerations for design solutions including methods of electronic damping, an alternative air conditioning compressor, and air conditioning hoses. It is determined that a ROSTA ISOCOL U 50 vibration mounting plate is recommended to reduce noise and vibration caused by the operating compressor. A torsional damping pulley is suggested to be installed in place of the crankshaft pulley in order to reduce belt whip during operation. For future considerations, a modular damping unit integrated with a screw compressor and Galaxy 4890 hoses is recommended.
air, conditioning, compressor, mount, reduce, noise, vibration, harshness, New Flyer Industries