The effects of the use of light weight pucks on skill performance in women's hockey

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Leiter, Jeff
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The goal of the Canadian Hockey Association is to increase the velocity of the shots of female players and make it easier to raise the puck off the ice. The present study investigated the effects of the use of light weight pucks on women's hockey using four pucks of different weights (4.5 oz, 5.0 oz, 5.5 oz, and the regulation 6.0 oz puck). The purpose of the study was to determine the effects of light weight pucks on the biomechanics of the wrist shot, as well as, the puck velocity and accuracy of the wrist shot among elite female hockey players. A subproblem was to determine if any difference exists in the stickhandling, passing and goaltending skills of elite developmental female players when using a lighter puck. An additional subproblem was to gather pre and post attitudinal data of elite female players to see if there is a difference in opinion on adopting a lighter puck between age groups and if the players supported its adoption. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)