Parasites and Pathogens of Fish from Devils Lake, Sheyenne River, Red River and the Red River Delta. Report for the Fall 2006 Program

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International Red River Board
SUMMARY OF 2006 RESULTS • Fish from all sites in Canada and USA did not show clinical signs of disease from bacteria • No evidence of viral infection in USA; 2 of 60 walleye from Canada with a common skin cancer and 1/60 with an iridovirsus. • Nine parasites detected in Devils Lake; 28 in Red River Delta. • Two parasite taxa found in Devils Lake, Gyrodactylus hoffmani and Epistylis sp. have not yet been detected downstream in Canada or USA. • A foreign and invasive parasite, the Asian tapeworm, has recently colonized the Red River Delta from an unknown source. • Histopathology of fish from the Red River Delta show evidence of a wide variety of parasite induced lesions on a variety of tissues, as would be expected. However, a relatively high incidence of lesions in the heart of walleye is of concern. • Whirling disease was not detected in Lake Whitefish collected from Lake Winnipeg.
Fish Parasites, Fish Pathogens, Devils Lake, Sheyenne River, Red River, Red River Delta, Canada, U.S.A.