Community perspectives on environmental assessment scoping for shipping and associated activities around Sirmilik National Park of Canada

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Lane, David Michael Claxton
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This thesis considers the environmental, economic, social, and cultural effects of increasing shipping activities around Sirmilik National Park of Canada, in order to develop possible scoping questions for future environmental assessments. Using a qualitative approach, 25 semi-structured interviews, two focus groups, observation, and field notes were used to collect data which are then analyzed for linkages between valued environmental and social components and the potential effects from shipping and associated activities. The most prominent concern that emerged regarded the potential impacts to migrating and breeding narwhal in the area. Many respondents also discussed economic and social issues because they perceive increasing shipping as a signal of economic growth. In total, 124 scoping questions were developed in 17 direct environmental impact areas identified by participants, as well as 53 scoping questions relating to cumulative effects and strategic issues. The thesis concludes with some broader management implications that flow from the analysis.
environmental, assessment, scoping, shipping, community, EA, sirmilik, park, narwhal, Canada, Arctic, tourism