Engine modifications for the Formula SAE race car

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Hohenberg, Edward G.
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A group of students at the University of Manitoba are involved in the design and construction of a small, formula race car to be entered in the Formula SAE student engineering competition. This thesis deals with the modifications made to the engine of this vehicle. The modifications include building a tuned intake manifold, changing camshafts, increasing the compression ratio and charge cooling. All the modifications are meant to increase the performance of the engine. The underlying theory for each modification is presented, then the specific modification made to the engine is discussed. Background theory is also given. Actual dynometer test results are presented for each modification, in order to prove or disprove the theory. Test results for the compression ratio change are not presented, as this modification has yet to be done. It was found that many of the modifications resulted in increasing the performance at one engine speed, while decreasing the performance at other engine speeds.
Formula SAE, Formula race car