Design of an Automated Nozzle Sealing System

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Cann, Matthew
Czehryn, Alex
McClarty, Davis
Giesbrecht, Brooke
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The objective of this project was to develop an automated nozzle sealing system to seal the six-inch nozzle in Price Industries’ air flow test chamber. The sealing system designed meets the client’s needs and is scalable for all five nozzle diameters. The sealing system saves Price time and labour costs by replacing manual input with an autonomous solution. The customer needs and related technical specifications are reviewed. Next, the detailed design is split into subsections which are then explained. The customer needs are then revisited and the final design is compared to the marginal and ideal target specifications. Finally, a detailed cost analysis, as well as design recommendations and future work, are presented. A seal against the nozzle is achieved using a self-aligning plate and a cellular urethane rubber foam sheet. A retractable mechanism moves this plate from the open position, at the wall, to the closed position, against the nozzle. The mechanism was designed to allow continuous air flow, when open, and have a minimal footprint, when closed. The mechanism is moved by an electric, rotary actuator. The automated sealing system was designed for a10-year lifespan. The project was allocated a budget of 5,000CADand the total estimated project cost is 2,050CAD.A computer aided design model of the mechanism will be sent through private communication to the client as part of the final package.