Variable Width Slitter Spacer Design

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Casar, Dominic
Klimenko, Martin
Olynyk, Michael
Wong, Peter
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The project presented to Team 22 consists of designing a Variable Width Slitter Spacer for Winpak Ltd. The device would be used in Winpak’s slitting department for their slitter-rewinder machines. These machines are used to cut a large roll of plastic packaging material into multiple rolls of the desired width. The project is to design a device to space the slitting blades of the machine. The current process uses a tape measure and is simple but inconsistent, producing wasted material if the spacing is not accurately applied. The current setup time prior to any design implementations yielded an average of 40 minutes. By implementing the variable width spacer into the setup process, the average setup time is decreased. Our team has designed a device that will improve the setup times and reduce waste material. By only spacing the blades once, both the time and material involved are reduced, thereby increasing the efficiency of the setup process and optimizing waste reduction through accuracy and precision. The material used in the design consists of 6061-T6 aluminum that is lightweight and strong, fixed with nylon threaded locking nuts yielding a total material weight of 980 grams (2.16lbs). The total material cost for the device is $38.50. The design itself utilizes a measuring block with incremental measurement indicators serving as a base for the design. The fixed end stabilizer bar is used for keeping the slitter assembly fixed f rom moving around when applied. In contrast, the moving jaw end can be slid down the measuring block to the preferred distance and locked via a locking screw/clamp located at the base of the part. Once the optimal distance is set, the design can be applied to the slitter assembly and the machine can operate once the slitter blades are moved into place. Once the blades are set, the spacer is removed and finally the machine can begin its operating procedure.