Women's experiences of recovery from alcohol dependency in Tohoku region, Japan: their views of needs for recovery

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Kameta, Junko
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This study uses a phenomenological methodology to understand Japanese women, living in Tohoku region, Japan, who have the experience of alcohol dependency and recovery. Moreover, the purpose of the study was to understand what would be the most effective ways if supporting women in rural communities. Six women were interviewed to obtain the meanings they attach to recovery. Nine themes emerged. It was found that the women had common turning points prior to beginning their recovery, and had adopted various changes in their process of recovery. For all women in the study, the essential meaning of recovery was to live and to live fully. Recommendations are presented regarding the advocacy required to create the conditions necessary for women to live fully. This involves greater education of the community at large about alcohol dependency and the creation of supportive environments for individuals in recovery and their families.
women, alcohol, Japanese, recovery