Miniature Tensile Stage For Fibre Testing in XRD

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Pion, Zachary
McMillan, Steven
Tang, Joe
Unruh, Riley
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Composites Innovation Centre (CIC), a company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, uses X-ray diffractometry (XRD) and tensile testing separately to evaluate different fibres and observe if they are usable in composite materials. In order to increase efficiency and view how the molecular structure of the fibre changes as force is applied, it is ideal to combine the two tests within the XRD machine. Approaching this problem requires an assessment on the size constraints imposed by the XRD, as well as the precision required from the test. This report provides both the necessary background information and presents a final design for such a system with recommendations to proceed forward. The final design consists of two purchased components, the LP512 load cell from Cooper Instruments & Systems which costs $795 and the PQ12 Micro Linear Actuator from Firgelli Technologies Inc. which costs $65. Four fastener components which are the two M3 Machine Screws, one 40 mm and one 20 mm, along with twoM3 Nylock Nuts are required with an expected cost of approximately $6. The remaining three components are 3-D printed from ABS plastic. They are a base mount, a lower tab slot, and an upper support with a tab slot. The base consists of a hole with a cover to insert the load cell into. The lower tab slot threads onto the load cell, securing it to the base while providing a point of load application. The linear actuator inserts into another hole in the base, and is secured via the 40 mm screw and nut. The upper support and slot is secured to the actuator via the 20 mm and nut. The total cost in time, labour, and materials for these three parts is expected to be approximately $50. A Personal Daq/54 by Measurement Computing is recommended as a possible solution for data acquisition. This final design has dimensions of 23 mm×49 mm×40 mm width, height, and depth respectively, and has been tested to fit within the XRD machine. The total cost of the chosen components is approximately $919.98, with an additional $829.00 for a recommended data acquisition module […]