Expert nurse behaviours in care of the dying adult in the emergency department (ED)

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Schellenberg, Kristine
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Emergency departments (EDs) are often thought of solely as places where life-saving interventions occur. However, EDs are also places where dying patients receive end of life care. Though research examining expert nurse behaviours in care of the dying has been conducted in a variety of care settings, little is known about this topic as it relates to care of the dying adult in the ED. A descriptive exploratory study was conducted with registered nurse experts (n = 6) in two urban EDs in Western Canada. Five expert nurse behaviours deemed essential in care of the dying adult patient in the ED were identified: 1) providing comfort; 2) honouring the personhood of the patient; 3) responding to the family; 4) responding after the death of the patient; and 5) responding to colleagues. These findings contribute to the empirical evidence concerning expert nursing care of the dying.
End of life care, Emergency department, Nurse, Expert