Protection of transmission lines sharing the same right-of-way

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Fernando, Ioni T.
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The compact transmission configurations such as the double-circuit and multi-phase systems have emerged as a result of the search for compact and efficient systems with minimal environmental hazards. Protective relaying techniques are therefore, required to also evolve to provide adequate protection to such systems. The latest well established numerical techniques have made protective relays very flexible, adaptable and cost effective. They also offer increased functionality in various applications. This thesis project proceeds to investigate the possible enhancements to a numerical distance relaying algorithm for application on double-circuit and six-phase transmission systems. Successful modifications and additions to the single ended relaying technique are recommended. The recommendations are also supported by the off-line simulation test results carried out on the EMTDC Electromagnetic Transient Simulation Program. Finally, a neural network trained to identify the faulted phases is integrated to the distance algorithm in order to further improve the protection scheme on the double-circuit transmission line configuration.