The implementation and analysis of a model United Nations program in a grade 9 setting

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Bisset, Richard J.
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A program emphasizing "global mindedness" through the teaching of a "Model United Nations" course of studies was taught to Grade 9 students in an urban junior high school. A central theme of the practicum was to encourage the students, as a function of their course work and simulation, to reflect on the dynamics of their experiences in order to encourage global mindedness. Qualitative data collected from these reflections were used to generate characterizations of the students' development with the stated purpose of looking for examples of "global mindedness." There were two questions investigated in this thesis. My first major area of investigation was whether or not a Model United Nations course was in fact viable with Grade 9 students since usually the M.U.N. is carried out with Grade 11 and 12 students. Secondly, I wished to discover whether students did indeed exhibit global mindedness. Action research techniques were used to gather information concerning the growth of global mindedness in the students. This technique allowed me to gather responses from the students and my colleagues, as well as data from my own observations. The findings of this study show that a Model United Nations course and simulation are viable with Grade 9 students. Also, the findings show that students do exhibit global mindedness. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)