Design project final report

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De Castro, Jericho
Zhang, Pei
Wong, Peter
O'Connor, Brian
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The objective of this project is to design a composite modular floor and wall panel system for Composite Innovation Center (CIC) to be implemented in a temporary disaster relief structure. CIC completed the design and prototyping of an open modular composite gazebo, consisting of a modular roof panel and supporting timber frame, and decided to expand the gazebo‟s functionality by enclosing it to serve as a temporary disaster relief structure in the tropical zone. The completed design of the floor and wall systems consists of 9 uniquely designed components used in conjunction with pins, bolts, nuts, and washers. The geometry of the components allows for electrical routing and plumbing; and the ability to expand the structure by 4 ft. The intended joints make it easy for the assembler to locate and secure the components together. In addition, the components were designed to maximize the assembling efficiency. While the design itself is not production ready, further stress analysis must be applied to finalize geometry, joints, and materials. However, it is recommended that pultrusion be used for all shelter parts. Core materials for floor and wall panels will depend on loading requirements and should attempt to utilize green materials in the final design.
Composites Innovation Center, design, project, modular, gazebo, composite