Optimization of the multi-spindle drilling stage at TC Industries Inc. during grader blade profile changes : final report

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Edie, Keith
Marsh, James
Mclean, Stuart
Mabee, John
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This report outlines a design that can be integrated into the multi-spindle gang drill operation at TC Industries Inc. in Selkirk, Manitoba. This design will improve the current process of changing the different fixtures that are unique for each blade profile. The problem with the present system is that poor production exists in the multi-spindle drilling stage during grader blade profile changes. Specifically, the backstop blocks take a long time to change and require manual shimming before production can continue. The proposed design outlines a device that is able to rotate about the horizontal axis which provides four places for modified backstop blocks. Parallel to the bits on the multi-spindle gang drill will be a safety cage that splits the area so that the machine does not need to be locked out when an operator appropriately revolves the die rotor to get the proper backstop block in place for the next order. For blade length changes, a sliding mechanism will allow the rotor to move down the length of the drill. The new workpiece fixture is illustrated in sufficient detail so that further development can be made by TC Industries Inc. prior to a trial implementation.
optimization, multi-spindle, drilling, stage, TC Industries Inc., grader, blade, profile, changes