The influence of social and environmental factors on the stress response and development in juvenile & larval lake sturgeon, Acipenser fulvescens

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Waheed, Ahmed
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This thesis has examined the influence of the environment on aspects of the acute stress response in juvenile and pro-larval Acipenser fulvescens.The acute stress response was examined in grouped and isolated juveniles. Catecholamines significantly increased in both treatments one minute post-stress and plasma glucose was significantly higher in isolated as compared to grouped fish one minute post-stress. In the second series of experiments fertilized eggs of A. fulvescens were raised at 9, 12 & 15°C. Chromaffin-like cells were studied using light and electron microscopy techniques. Development of renal tissue was also examined in these treatment groups. Two populations of chromaffin-like cells were identified, one in close association with the proximal tubule of the kidney, and the other in close association with the neural tube. Results suggest this latter population were immature pheochromoblast like-cells. Development of renal tissue followed a predictable pattern that was most rapid in the 15°C treatment.
Sturgeon, Stress, Microscopy, Physiology, Catecholamine, Chromaffin, Juvenile, Larvae, Kidney