Evaluating the UNDP-GEF small grants programme funding in Ethiopia: sustainable livelihoods and poverty alleviation in action

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Benyam, Addisalem
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This research is focused on evaluating the UNDP—GEF Small Grants Programme support in Ethiopia. It involves SWOT strategic analysis of outcomes in projects addressing three of the GEF focal areas mainly biodiversity conservation, abatement of climate change and prevention of land degradation. To this end, the study evaluated how the grant presented to the beneficiary communities short-term and long-term opportunities to undertake nature-based sustainable livelihood activities, alleviate poverty as well as impact national policies pertaining to rural economies and the protection of natural resources. In general, the study highlights that the crucial factor for the success of SGP’s service delivery is not only the provision of the support and the subsequent completion of the projects. Most importantly, how local communities equitably benefit from project outputs and maintain sustainability of developments after project completion were identified to be foundational to the developmental causes the grants have been provided.
Biodiersity conservation, Climate change, Land degradation, Poverty alleviation, Global Environmental Facility, Small Grants Programme, Sustainable livelihoods, Ecosystem Services Framework