A study of the growth, development and existing conditions in an agricultural community in Manitoba in 1929

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Stewart, Andrew
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The conditions existing today in Western Canada and in the rural communities of Manitoba along with those in the provinces to the West are such as to tend to concentrate the attention of agriculturists upon the present and the immediate needs of the times. The problems that confront us are indeed pressing and their consideration is clamantly necessary but it is well then in our absorption in the present we should not fall into the error of failing to make adequate preparation for the future. While there are doubtless few who would be bold enough or presume to be wise enough to predict when or how we shall once more return to normal conditions in Western Canada there must be fewer still who refuse to believe that we are lacking in the vitality and resourcefulness to achieve recovery in due course. It is extremely desirable that in anticipation of better times ahead we should take stock of our agricultural resources; that by study of conditions and events both present and past we should seek to profit by experience and that by all the means at our disposal we should equip ourselves in preparation for further and it may be hoped more permanently satisfactory development. At the present time any considerable expansion of agricultural production seems impossible if not undesireable and yet at this very time there is a growing interest in land settlement....