Ozosunon neighbourhood care program: a program evaluation

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Gagnon, Jackie
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The following research thesis examined services offered by the Ozosunon program which is an Aboriginal Foster Care program. Its focus is to have Aboriginal families care for Aboriginal children within the community. The Ozosunon Neighbourhood Care Program Evaluation examined two primary questions: 1. Does the Ozosunon program provide services that are culturally appropriate? If the services are determined to be culturally appropriate, a second question was posed in an attempt to address the benefits of the services: 2. Does the Ozosunon program provide culturally appropriate services that support the child’s needs? The research was a mixed qualitative and quantitative study. The methods used were semi-structured interviews and questionnaires aimed at collecting relevant information regarding the program and the services offered. The results of the research showed that there are many shared positive views from participants regarding the program and its services. The responses showed that the program is offering cultural services but that perspectives regarding what that means were varied. After having completed the research it appears there is a need for further study on the services offered by the program, particularly how they are understood by staff, foster parents and families.
evaluation of program goals